Why should I include an outdoor movie at my event?


Because outdoor movies are a fun activity that everybody, young and old enjoy. The whole relaxed experience of casually watching a movie on the huge screen under a star filled sky surrounded by friends, co-workers and family makes a memorable ending to your day-long event.



How big is the screen?


Acme Outdoor Movie Company has screens ranging from 12 feet across up to 40 feet across. The trick is to get the right size screen for your application. That’s where our outdoor movie specialists come in! Tell us what you are planning and we’ll figure out the right size screen to make your event unforgettable.



How much will it cost?


Great question – unfortunately there are so many variables that we can’t calculate a price until we know where, when, how long, what movie, how many in the audience… you get the idea. Call us and we will work to get you the best price.



Do I need to get a license to show a movie?


Depends on your circumstances. Remember the FBI warning that is on all of the DVDs you own? Here’s what it means; If you are holding a private party in your backyard that will only be attended by friends and relatives, you can usually use any DVD you or your friends already own with no problems. If however you are hosting a corporate event or an event presented by an organization (yes, even your church or school) then you will most likely need to acquire a commercial copy of the DVD and a public performance license.



Can I project something other than a movie onto the screen?


Absolutely! At Acme Outdoor Movie Company we use digital projectors that can accept a wide variety of signals and throw them up onto our huge screens. In addition to DVD's we can also project VHS, output from computers such as PowerPoint presentations, most video games, karaoke, and pretty much any digital signal you can provide.



What if it rains?


In planning your event, we will work with you to schedule an alternate rain date, or if you have suitable facilities we can move the event indoors on short notice. If you are showing a licensed movie and are forced to cancel due to weather, we can usually arrange to re-rent the same movie within a year at no cost other than shipping.



How much power is needed?


It depends on the size of the screen and projector but generally it takes 2 or 3 15 amp circuits; these are your typical household outlets If power is not available at your event site, we can bring in generators for a small additional charge.