Make Your Business A Star! Advertise on the big Free Movie screen.


Want to get in front of your customers without the drama and horror of the same old boring advertising?


Acme Outdoor Movie Company provides FREE MOVIES IN THE PARK to local residents in many communities and we depend on advertisers to help cover the costs of the films and labor of putting on these shows. By advertising your business on our big screen, your message will be exposed to local shoppers who are in a relaxed and receptive mood, enjoying family time. Your brand will enjoy the benefit of being associated with a fun activity and you will be remembered and appreciated for helping to bring free family entertainment to the community. Good advertising value and supporting your local community - It just doesn’t get any better than that!


Acme Outdoor Movie Company is Florida’s most reliable provider of the hottest new advertising idea in years, the Outdoor Cinema experience. We give your message new impact and put you in front of the customers that are local to you! If you want to reach new customers, local customers that are ready to do business with you, then look no further then our BIGSCREEN. No other outlet can beat the impact of our huge inflatable movie screens, high definition projection, powerful audio systems, and the experience of watching your favorite movie under the stars. Kids love it; parents love it; your customers love it; and you’ll love it too.


What Makes Outdoor Movies A Great Investment?


We bring FREE outdoor movies to local communities.

By advertising on our gigantic blow-up outdoor movie screens, you will be supporting your local community and its families. Big Screen Advertising Gets everybody’s undivided attention. NO remote controls or DVRs that let customers skip your message. The audience is having fun, relaxed and receptive to your message. Our monster sized outdoor movie screens capture the consumers' attention like nothing else - YOUR MESSAGE will be seen Digital advertising provides endless affordable possibilities.


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